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Juju hats are constituted by feathers minutely braided along fine wooden baguettes, themselves were fixed to a support in raffia.

In the beginning, juju hats wer realized with parrot feathers, but it's forbidden now. Craftsmen mainly use hen feathers, and more rarely guinea fowl or other fowls feathers for natural colored headgears.




There's a multitude of colors artificial and natural colors, and mixed colors models of juju hats. The most common colors are the red and fushia (the most used during the rites Aka), white, brown, yellow, blue, teal, green, etc. We find vivid and pastel tints. Natural colors are mainly white, black and brown, as well as mixing.

We offers 32 different designs of juju hats:





The diameter of juju hats can vary between 20 cms and approximately 100 cms according to the models. We have 4 tandard sizes:

- Mini: diameter 30/40cm

- Small: diameter 50/60cm

- Medium: diameter 70/80cm

- Large: diameter 90/100cm




Their weight varies from 1 to 3 kg.



Juju hats are fold away on their center for the transport, and spread for exhibition. A tongue in the center of the base in raffia allows to close them easily, and a cord arround the black rods allows to maintain the headgear.



Fix your juju hat with a simple simple nail to the wall thanks to the handle in cord situated on the edge of the circular base in raffia.



You can aerate your juju hat a half-day before his installation, and possibly make it once a year to avoid dust.

Warning: if you expose your juju hat to a high sunlight, colors can degrade over time.



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